Aly (fabul0us) wrote in thelowcarbdiet,

hey, I'm aly :)

Wow, this community is so fitting for what I've been trying to get back into the past few days. This summer, I did so great with dieting (Weight watchers, my aunt just gave me some of the books cause she quit, im not actually enrolled in the program) and excercising (Pilates and Walking/jogging) and I've lost about 20lbs or so and a few sizes. But since school started, it's all gone downhill since it's just so easy to eat all junk and theres not much time to work out, ect. =/

Anyway, I've been trying to get back into it all lately. It's just really hard to get back on track sometimes though, especially around christmas. So my plan and goals are: to go back to following the basic weight watchers guidelines (They've been working really well for me), drink a ton more water, perhaps eat less carbs since you really done need as much as I eat anyway lol, and get back into pilates tapes and try and fit in some cardio. :) My goal is basically to be more toned and obviously loose the weight thats keeping me from being toned haha! And of course to be healthier.

Current weight: 121
Goal weight: 110 maybe?
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