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to include your daily food menu, progress, problems and dieting tips as much as you can. Also in your first post please include: Name, Age, Current weight, Goal weight, and the Reason for wanting to lose weight.

I'm new here.

Name: Connie
Current Weight: 132 this morning.. yikes. i'm only 5'2"
Goal weight: 115..I weighed 112 my junior year of high school. eventually 110 would be nice
reason for wanting to lose weight:
-to get my self-esteem back. and love myself again.. basically just feel better about myself.
-I also feel like.. before i get a boyfriend.. i need to love myself.. and in order for that to happen i need to lose this weight once and for all.
-getting a ton of new cute clothes.
-feeling comfortable with my body.. even when im naked
-my health.. my dad has diabetes. and that's something i definately dont want

Right now I'm back at college for my 2nd year.
I have been doing pretty good. Ive made sure to not stock up my fridge with a lot of stuff, because when i was at home this summer i would tend to compulsively overeat when i was depressed or bored.

I went to the gym today and worked out for 55 minutes. it felt sooo good.
Tomorrow i plan to go swimming there for a while. it'll be fun.
feel free to add me. I'm always looking a diet buddy.. so we can help support each other.

thanks. hope you guys are doin well!
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