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I am new!!

Age 16
Height: 5'3
Current weight: 138
Goal weight: 100ish
Reason for wanting to lose weight: To be skinnier and have for confidence, because I think it would make me be more bold and do more things.

I just started the whole low carb thing today!
Breakfast-one egg(scrambled) and one sausage- with milk
Snack- two carrot sticks- with water
Lunch- Soup
Snack- two BBQ battered chicken strips :(- with water
Dinner- grilled teriyaki chicken with a salad-with milk

Wow, that seems liken a lot! This diet is hard, I am a huge bread fan.

Can you eat wheat bread, because it has more carbs than white, but Atkins says its okay once in a while?
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I dont know what diet you are doing, cause on atkins Milk isnt allowed. Unless your doing some sort of low carb milk. Carrots are also high in carbs. Have you read the book? If your serious about doin Atkins you should get the book, so you can learn how to do it right and healthy. You can find cheep ones on ebay. ;)


October 9 2005, 03:03:22 UTC 12 years ago

The atkins diet is stupid anyway, its a short term weight loss because your only supposed to do it for 2 weeks and stop. and when you stop all the weigh comes back, its not heathly. Hell, the guy died of a heart attack because he was over weight, and the company went bankrupt in the end!
again you write misinformed. Maybe you should actually "learn" something about the diet before you speak of things you do not know. 2 weeks? Im guessing your talking about induction, thats not all there is to the diet, but you wouldnt know cause I bet you didnt even read ONE article on the diet, let alone the book on how to do it. And Dr. Atkins had a medical condition that was completely different than his diet, the medication he had to take caused him to gain weight. About them going bankrupt...well thats probably due to everything they sell being so expensive, no one can afford to buy it. But you dont have to buy any of their products to be on the atkins diets, and it is a lifetime commitment, I think your body does become accustomed to having real low carbs and if you jump off and go back into carbs full force, your going to feel it and see it.

But bugs the heck out of me when ppl run their mouth about things they have no idea about.